March 2022

March will be the start of our Spring!  Looking forward to longer days, warmer nights and all the plants blooming, waking from their long nap.  This month we will be at 2 in-person events:
  • March 6th 11am-4pm, March Madness Community Bazaar
    @ Filipino Community Center
    2270 Preisker Lane, Santa Maria
  • March 12th 10am-3pm, Knights of Columbus Car Show
    1190 E Clark Avenue, Orcutt
I will have limited specialty items at the in-person events that will not be available online: body butter, candles and handmade pottery.  For any online orders, during the month of March, shipping will only take place once a week.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

March 6th:

South Pacific
This long awaited restock is finally available! Let's take to the waves, this ocean inspired bar has kelp granules that provide a natural scrub. Sea salt, sea moss and vetiver coupled with the tropical ocean color will have you wishing it were another beach day.

March 13th:

Fresh Strawberry
Strawberry Festival season is upon us so it's the perfect excuse to make a strawberry soap.  Sun-kissed notes of ripe, juicy strawberries with a touch of juicy citrus. A fruity treat that is simply irresistible!  With added poppy seeds to add a textured feel to your wash and round out the look of this Strawberry Season inspired soap bar.

March 20th:

Magnolia Leaf & Tonka
This bar was in hiding all of 2021, but its time for it to make a come back! Warm and complex this bar smells amazing; bergamot, cardamom, black pepper, magnolia leaves and white rose with notes of vanilla, amber and tonka.  Topped with calendula petals, this bar is made with sheep milk yogurt from Bellwether Farms in Sonoma County, California.  This soap bar has a matching body butter than you can only snag at a few in-person events.  If you are a local feel free to reach out, I can arrange local delivery for this item that is unlisted on our website.

March 27th:

Palm-Free Soap Bars
Highly requested palm-free, essential oil scented soap bars are here.  They are naturally colored using Brazilian Clays.
Calming:  Indulge in tranquility with the relaxing and comforting scent of our Calming essential oil blend. Featuring a unique blend of floral and citrus essential oils, the synergistic scents will soothe your senses for a serene and comforting experience.
Good Nite: Unwind from a long day with this peaceful blend of essential oils. Containing a warm, earthy aroma, this relaxing scent is just what you need to help calm your spirit and instill a sense of tranquility, making it a must have for any evening cleaning routine.

If you are not able to catch us in March, April will give you ample chance to catch us at different spots on the Central Coast.  Stay tuned for the April blog to catch the dates and locations where you can snag one of our luxurious soap bars and hand made pottery.

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  • Barbie Rogers

    Hi Susie!!
    I want to order more candles and body butter from you. Can you let me know if we can talk on phone at your convenience?
    Thank you

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