About Me

Owner Coast Live Oak Creations

Hi my name Susie and I'm the owner and creator of Coast Live Oak Creations. I've been asked many times how I got into making soap. Believe it or not, it all started with pottery. I always had the urge to create art but did not have the natural talents of someone who is good with a brush or pencil.  

I was introduced to pottery by my sister and quickly fell in love with having a creative outlet, working with my hands and the science behind it. Unfortunately, I fell in love with something I was not able to continue long term because pottery is a huge undertaking that requires some major equipment. As I ran out of pottery courses I could take at the local community college, I began my search for something to replace my first love.

I was looking for a new creative outlet where I could work with my hands that did not require major equipment and possibly major construction. During my search for a new outlet,  I felt lost and knowing my pottery courses were nearing an end I became depressed.

Then one night, while visiting my sister I found my answer: making cold process soap. All the materials and equipment needed to make soap are easy to come by, relatively inexpensive and every batch of soap is a wonderful application of chemistry. It was just what I needed to pull me up out of my funk.

I started out gifting soap to friends and family, before I knew it I was getting requests for soap, selling it alongside my pottery at craft fairs. The timing was perfect as I had just run out of community college ceramic courses. So I decided that I would take my creative outlet to the next level and in January 2020 I got a business license, registered my brand and launched my soap making company.

Business Inquiries:  805-242-3764